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About Red Rocks

Mr. Vinamra Gupta, a 38-year-old businessman, has to his credit two hotels by the name of Dev in Haridwar, As well as he also owns two clubs name as CafeHigh5 and Frat House in Delhi, alongside endless construction projects. Staying in Vaishali, Gzb. He was always keen to enter into fitness industry as he was well aware of the fact that there was no efficient fitness center in the area, which is surrounded by more than 30 Million population. Being a fitness enthusiast, Mr. Vinamra Gupta proudly owns the luxurious gym of Red Rocks Gym & Spa in Vaishali GZB.


According to Mr. Vinamra Gupta, My ultimate aim was to bring in fitness easily accessible to people of Delhi/NCR so that they are motivated towards a know healthy lifestyle even more. Having gone through and value and importance of attaining a healthy and positive body image the lifestyle. Since then, knew that someday I too will try my best to spread the importance of fitness amongst people.

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